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Spend time with your Special One in Oahu, Hawaii


Oahu is one of the most beautiful places anyone in the world could witness. It is one of Hawaii’s eight major islands. Oahu is commonly known as the Gathering Place as it welcomes the most number of tourists among all the Hawaiian islands. Replete with blissful beaches, lush forests, and mouthwatering dishes – it is no wonder many people flock around Oahu.


If you look over the internet, you will see that Oahu is a complete paradise perfect for your and your loved ones’ relaxation. But aside from being the ideal family getaway destination, Oahu also serves as a great vacation spot for couples who want to spend quality time together. This island has everything that might appeal to you, from art and culture to nature and thrilling activities. 


So if you are looking for things to do on your Oahu vacation with your significant other, you may want to check out this list. 



The Waimea Botanical Garden is an exceptional tourist attraction you might want to visit on your Oahu tour. It is perfect for couples who enjoy relaxing and vigorous activities, like hiking.


This garden is home to numerous collections of distinct gardens representing flora from all over the world. In addition to the botanical assemblage, Waimea is a place for various species of birds and fish in the garden. 


A waterfall also dwells in the Waimea. You can easily check it out via a moderate quarter mile paved trail; however if you don’t want to  walk additional miles, you have the option to ride on a tram that can take you to the waterfall and back.


If you want to know more about this place, Go Tours Hawaii offers an incredible Oahu day tour that includes a stop at this beautiful location on Oahu . Learn more by checking out this link:



If you and your lover want to experience peace while immersing yourself in picturesque views as you spend your vacation in Oahu, Byodo-In Temple is perfect for you. One hidden gems Oahu tour can bring you to this beautiful tourist spot. 


Byodo-In Temple is tucked away on the windward side of Oahu and at the foot of the Ko’olau Mountains. It is a short drive from the bustling tourist spots found on the island. A Byodo-In Temple tour can promise you and your partner a relaxing and peaceful time. In addition, the temple also holds a vital role in the history and culture of Hawaii.


Spend your Oahu tour unwinding by booking a tour to the Byodo-In Temple with Go Tours Hawaii at



If there is one tourist attraction that you should visit on your Oahu excursion, it is the North Shore Dole Pineapple Farm. By joining a Dole pineapple farm tour, you will be granted exclusive access to the Dole Pineapple fields in Wahiawa. Here, you can witness how the Dole farmers harvest, process, and pack pineapples.

If you wish to visit other nearby attractions, such as the Greenworld Coffee Farms, the Waialua Sugar Mill, Oahu North Shore beach, and King Kamehameha Statue, you may do so by booking a tour with Go Tours Hawaii.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, you may visit our Dole Pineapple Farm Tour at



History is one of the most integral aspects of human lives. It builds empathy by studying the lives and struggles of others. History helps people understand the diversity of human experience that will make us appreciate different cultures, ideas, and traditions more. And if you and your partner love to have a trip to the past, visiting Pearl Harbor is ideal for you.


Pearl Harbor is one of the most important attractions in Hawaii. This military base tells a story relevant to the world, especially in Hawaii. Visiting this place will allow you to value and respect Hawaii even more. 


For more information about this tour, you can visit Go Tours Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor Tour at



Most countries have a national animal to represent them. In Hawaii, it is the Humpback Whale. But besides the Humpback Whale, Hawaii also gives so much importance to another sea creature – the Green Sea Turtles or Honu.


These animals serve as a symbol of longevity and safety in Hawaiian culture. They are also a mark of mana or spiritual energy; their presence alone is believed to bring good luck and peace. In addition, Hawaiian mythology considers these animals a form of aumakua or ancestral spirit that offers lifelong protection, wisdom, and guidance. 


Their importance to the Aloha paradise is enough to know that witnessing them should be part of your Oahu tour to-do list. Fortunately, there are many snorkeling tours on Oahu. One of those is Go Tours Hawaii’s Waikiki Turtle Canyon Snorkeling and Swimming Boat Tour. 


If you are a couple interested in swimming with them, you may check this link:



If there is one thing that will determine how one community reacts, responds, and grows, it is culture. It gives one a sense of belonging, and when it comes to culture, Hawaii is one of the best places that is actively practicing it to this day. 


One of Hawaii’s most prominent traditions is Luau. It is a two-centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in Hawaiian and Polynesian history. A Luau refers to a feast where friends and family gather for delicious food, lively music, and dancing.


Many tours in Oahu offer traditional Luau, but not everyone can provide an authentic Luau experience. But here in Go Tours Hawaii, we promise you nothing but the most legitimate Luau. 


You and your partner can enjoy breathtaking scenery, incredible music, and performances from hula and knife dances. If you want to experience this, you may check our different Luau packages at


Have fun in Hawaii with Go Tours Hawaii

Your vacation to Oahu should all be about having fun and excitement, not anxieties and hassles. Therefore, if you and your special one is looking for a way to enjoy the Gathering Place to the fullest, try checking out Go Tours Hawaii.


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