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The North Shore Dole Pineapple Tour (Infographic)


Hawaii is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world for reasons such as the beautiful and clean beaches, delicious food, events and festivals, and so much more. But what most people tend to forget is that Hawaii is a tropical island with a vibrant history, which means the island is home to a wide variety of fruits and colorful stories about the past.

Fortunately, there are Oahu tours, such as Go Hawaii Tours’ North Shore Dole Pineapple Tour, that will allow you to know more about the roots of Hawaii, all while being able to have a taste of its local flavors. Now, if you are curious about this Oahu tour’s itinerary, worry no more, for we are about to break it down for you.

The-North-Shore-Dole-Pineapple-Tour-01_Dole Pineapple Tour

Through this Oahu Day tour, you will be able to visit and be granted exclusive access to the Dole Pineapple fields. Visitors can witness the process of planting, picking, processing, and packaging of pineapples done in Dole.

The excursion also includes lunch at a local food truck, Greenworld coffee farm, a tour to the historic Waialua Sugar Mill (now a soap factory), a photo opportunity at the Oahu North Shore beach, a macadamia nut stand with free samples, Old Haleiwa Town, and a stop to King Kamehameha Statue.


  • Waikiki Pickup

The tour will start at Waikiki. This is where our semi-private shuttle will fetch you. The pickup time will vary depending on the hotel and will be automatically assigned to you upon encoding your information when you book. This is also when your local tour guide will help you review your itinerary for the whole day.


  • Greenworld Coffee Farms

Greenworld is a small farm established in 2013 by Howard Green. It is located at the North Shore, Oahu in Hawaii. The farm has 7 acres of land planted with 3,000 plus arabica coffee trees.

At Greenworld Cafe, tourists can enjoy a wide variety of coffee and tea samples. You will also walk through the coffee tree garden, where you can see the process of coffee making.

Greenworld also ensures that its guests will get nothing but freshly brewed coffee. That is why they make sure to roast their coffee daily. 


  • Dole Pineapple Fields and Pineapple Processing Plants

After the relaxing morning coffee experience, you can now proceed to the Dole Pineapple Fields. This plantation started in 1899 when a young Massachusetts native, James Dole, moved to Honolulu. As he transferred to the island, he then purchased a 64-acre homestead. This is where he experimented with several crops before finally deciding to grow pineapples.

The business had rapidly grown as they launched campaigns and invested in machinery.  And through the help of the growing trans-Atlantic aviation industry, Dole was able to ship out pineapples to farther distances. By 1950, guests were able to taste the sweet pineapples they produced through the small fruit stand they built. Today, Dole has over 200 employees, and the Dole Food Company now has a global reach that extends up to 90 different countries.

By booking this Oahu tour, you will have the opportunity to see the Dole plantation in its glory. You can see their team working on the magic Dole has perfected over the years. Here, your tour guide will walk you through the experience of watching how the workers plant, pick, and process pineapples.

At the end of the plantation tour, each guest will receive a complimentary pineapple to enjoy.


  • Local Food Truck for Lunch

Going through the excursion can be both exciting and tiresome, and when you are tired, food works like magic. This is why after the Dole tour, you will be guided to have lunch at a local food truck.

Oahu is also well-known for its delicious food offerings, apart from being home to numerous beaches. Here at the North Shore, you will have a plethora of culinary gems enough for you to have a very enjoyable lunchtime. 


  • Waialua Sugar Mill

Once your tummy is full, you can now proceed to visit Waialua Sugar Mill. Waialua Sugar Mill was once known as Chamberlain Plantation. It was a sugarcane plantation and a very historic sugar mill. However, it closed down in 1996 due to profit concerns. Today, visitors flock to this destination as there are a soap factory and a surfboard shop around. 

  • North Shore Beach Photo Shop

A trip to the North Shore without a stop at the beach is not a trip to the North Shore. Our guide will take the guests to a location where they can witness the beauty of a world-renowned North Shore Hawaiian beach and take photos to send back to family and friends back home. There are usually Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles on the beach as well. Turtle sightings are not guaranteed but are often seen. (There is no Swimming at the beach)


  • Hawaiian Coffee samples, Macadamia Nut Tastings, and Acai Bowl Stand

Next to Historic Haleiwa Town lies a hidden culinary gem, a local Macadamia shop that finds itself tucked away under the comforting shade of an aged Banyan tree. The macadamia nuts here are sourced from the foothills of Oahu’s tallest peak, Mt. Kaala, from an orchid comprising over 1200 macadamia nut trees on 24 acres. These are the freshest macadamia nuts on the whole island of Oahu, creating a wonderful edible experience as you continue your day trip into the history of Hawaiian agriculture. Other culinary delights located here include authentic North Shore Acai Bowls or tasty Kona coffee samples.


  • Old Haleiwa Town

Our last stop on the North Shore is a step back in time to one of Oahu’s oldest towns. Originally built as a home for immigrant sugar plantation workers, Haleiwa is now a quaint surf town, filled with a variety of boutique shops, surf shops, and shaved ice stops. As time has passed, the state has set up architectural guidelines requiring the design of existing buildings and newly erected buildings to reflect the plantation-style architecture of the early years of Haleiwa’s sugar industry which makes it a refreshing stop away from the bustling streets and tall buildings of Waikiki. 


  • King Kamehameha Statue

The last stop for this excursion is the King Kamehameha Statue. King Kamehameha is an important person in the history of Hawaii. He is known to be a great warrior, diplomat, and leader. It was him who united the Hawaiian Islands into one royal kingdom after years of feud and conflicts.

In Hawaiian legend, he is hailed to be destined for greatness. A prophecy about light with bird-like feathers appearing in the sky would signify the birth of a great chief. Many believe that the prophecy referred to Kamehameha since, according to historians, he was born in 1758, or the year that Halley’s Comet passed over Hawaii.

Seeing his statue is indeed a great way to learn about the history of Hawaii after experiencing a day of its agricultural lineage.


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