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A Hawaii Must Visit: Pearl Harbor (Infographic)


Going on a Hawaiian vacation is a dream for many people. Who would not want to visit the island when it is almost like a paradise on Earth? Thus, if you are given a chance to see the Aloha state, it is only understandable if you want to make the most of your trip. However, you might be thinking, how are you going to do it? Buckle up, for there are many ways to do this.


You can start taking full advantage of your Hawaiian vacation by tasting the island’s delectable dishes. From appetizers, lunch or dinner meals, refreshing fruits, to desserts – Hawaii has them for you. But apart from the delicious food, Hawaii is also home to significant moments of history.


One of the most well-known of these iconic locations is Pearl Harbor. This active military base and 17-acre national park hold so much history and are one of the biggest tourist sites you can explore when you go on your Oahu tours. Before visiting this landmark, let us first look at its history and its importance to Hawaii.



A short history of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is an active U.S. naval base located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Japanese forces attacked the base on December 7, 1941. Just before 8 AM on that day, hundreds of Japanese fighter planes descended on the base, where they managed to destroy nearly 20 American naval vessels, eight battleships, and 300 planes. 


Apart from the damages done to US vessels, planes, and battleships, the surprise attack also led to the death of 2,400 Americans, including civilians. About 1,000 citizens were also wounded. The day after this assault, then president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, asked Congress to declare war on Japan, prompting the entry of the United States into World War II. ‘


While the attack was a surprise, the tension between the United States and Japan has been going on for quite some time. The Japanese government believed that the only way to solve its economic and demographic problems was to expand into its neighbor’s territory and take over its import market. 


The impact of the attack on Hawaii

The bombing of Pearl Harbor changed the course of the lives of many Hawaiian citizens. Here are some of the impacts the attack has left behind.


  • Martial Law in Hawaii

After the Pearl Harbor Attack, Hawaii was sentenced under martial law. While no further attacks were made, the martial law remained until the end of the war. With the martial law going on, the US military was able to control the daily life of everyone in Hawaii – from working hours, wages, regulation of bars and restaurants to the curfew that declares what time all lights should be put out. The martial law has violated the citizens’ fundamental rights, and any criticism was viewed as unpatriotic. The press was censored, and no public journalistic debate could arise.


  • Food Shortage

Since the war started, there has been a rampant food shortage. In attempts to combat this shortage, Spam has become a staple food on the island as it was the only food available at that time that could last in the tropical heat of Hawaii. Troops relied on this canned meat product for their protein source, eventually helping them survive.


  • Cultural Transformation

Because of the war, the US military transformed Hawaii’s culture and landscapes from 1941 to 1945 and after. Numerous sugar plantations were turned into training areas for the marines, navy, and army. The plantations were also converted into housing sites, extended roads, and highways. Moreover, the surroundings were also ruined to create observation points.


Pearl Harbor Tour

Understanding what transpired in Pearl Harbor will help you appreciate a tour of this place even more, especially if a tour operator who is genuinely knowledgeable about its history will join you in this Oahu excursion.


Go Tours Hawaii is a tour operator specializing in Oahu tours. The list of their tour packages includes an excursion to the historic Pearl Harbor. If you book a tour with us, you have the choice to choose between a half-day or a full-day tour. 


For the half-day tour, you will be taken to the most visited attraction in Hawaii, the USS Arizona Memorial. You can watch the live footage of the attack and go by boat to see the sunken battleship. Afterward, you can honor the men and women who lost their lives due to the attack at the Punchbowl Cemetery of the Pacific. 


The full-day tour will also allow you to experience the same things you can with the half-day tour. The only difference is that aside from seeing the movie and paying respect to the lives lost, you will also get to explore two of the main attractions in Pearl Harbor – the USS Arizona and the battleship Missouri. 


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Have fun in Hawaii with Go Tours Hawaii

Your Hawaiian vacation should never be stressful or filled with anxieties and hassles. Instead, this should be the perfect time for you to relax and momentarily forget anything that stresses you out. So if you are looking for a way to achieve a relaxing getaway, try checking out Go Tours Hawaii.


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