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Top things to do in Oahu in June

Aloha in Sand, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is one of many people’s top bucket list destinations, and it is honestly not surprising why. Even from the photos, the beauty of the Aloha state is already undeniable. What more if you see it in person? But if the numerous clean beaches and delectable dishes you see on the internet are still not enough to convince you to have a Hawaiian vacation, let this article persuade you.


The best month to visit Hawaii


The idyllic paradise of Hawaii is welcoming for any visitors all year round. This is why your Hawaiian vacation is guaranteed to be memorable regardless of the month of your visit. However, if you want to experience the actual tropical weather and enjoy reasonable rates, spending your Hawaiian vacation around June is a perfect time. 


During this month, the temperatures on the islands are hot but bearable, making it ideal for relaxing on the beaches or swimming and surfing on the warm seas of Hawaii. You may also anticipate rain showers, but they are expected and usually short-lived. 


Things to do in Oahu in June

Hawaii is composed of eight major islands that have their specialties. Among those islands is Oahu.


Oahu, also known as the Gathering Place, is the most visited island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Each month, Oahu welcomes around half a million visitors. But why do people love going on an Oahu tour? Simple, because there are many things to do and visit in Oahu, and here are some of them.


  • Waikiki Friday Night Fireworks Sail


Waikiki Friday night fireworks are back after a long absence due to covid.  The best place to watch the fireworks are on a boat with the Waikiki iconic skyline and in the background. 


Join Go Tours Hawaii every Friday night for their Mai Tai fireworks boat cruise. A  two-hour boat cruise in front of the Waikiki skyline on a fully equipped 50’ motor catamaran with lots of cockpits and deck seating, onboard restroom, full-service bar, USCG licensed Captain, and crew. Each guest 21 years and older will receive one free Mai Tai.


If you want to learn more about this Waikiki Friday night fireworks boat cruise visit,


  • Hawaii Green Sea Turtle Snorkeling Tours


Do you love the ocean? If yes, then a snorkeling tour might interest you. Since Oahu is blessed with many beautiful and clean beaches, swimming along with Hawaiian green sea turtles and other marine animals is not impossible, especially with Go Tours Hawaii’s Waikiki  Turtle Canyon Snorkeling Tour.


This excursion will bring you to the clean waters of the Waikiki South Shore, where you can closely witness the beauty of many marine species. For more information, you may check Go Tours Hawaii’s website at


  • Waimea Valley Excursion


Waimea Valley is among Hawaii’s most hidden gems. The exceptional botanical collections in this valley featuring dozens of different gardens representing flora from various parts of the world can leave you in awe. The beauty of this place is enough to captivate every visitor, including those who are not that fond of plants. 


If you want to turn your fairy dreams into reality or simply want to feel tranquility, head on to Go Tours Hawaii’s website and book a Waimea Botanical Garden tour through this link:


  • Pearl Harbor Tour


Travel back to one of the most significant events in Honolulu’s World War II history. With 10 square miles of navigable water and 10,000 acres of land area, Pearl Harbor is undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist destinations you can visit. Adding this historical destination to your Hawaiian vacation itinerary will surely help you appreciate Hawaii even more. 


You may book a Pearl Harbor Tour by checking out the website of Go Tours Hawaii at


Have fun in Hawaii with Go Tours Hawaii


Your Hawaiian vacation should be fun, exciting, and not filled with anxieties and hassles. Therefore, if you want a way to achieve a relaxing getaway, Go Tours Hawaii is here for you.


We are a local Hawaii tour operator specializing in Oahu Tours. Let us take you on an unforgettable Oahu vacation you will remember for a lifetime. For more information about us, what we do, and the list of our tours, you can visit our website at