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Shop till you drop at KCC Farmers Market 2022


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places anyone can ever witness. This tropical island embraces a very colorful culture. The luscious vegetation surrounding the island encapsulates numerous beaches anyone would dream of seeing. Furthermore, Hawaii also offers many activities to keep tourists entertained and enchanted with the place. 


If you want to chill by the beach or watch the sunset, you can go to Oahu’s North Shore. On the other hand, if you love hiking to witness with a picturesque view of the island, Diamond Head can offer that. Lastly, if you are in for a more adventurous ride, you can try surfing or snorkeling trips on Oahu. 


But more than the exciting and enjoyable adventures that await you, Hawaii is also a proud home to many delectable dishes. This July, the KCC Farmers Market with over 70 vendors,  is back to serve tourists and locals alike food you will surely enjoy. 


For over 15 years, the farmers market at Kapiolani Community College has promoted local farmers, launched businesses, inspired other markets, and cultivated a deep appreciation for Hawaiian agriculture. The market opened its doors in September 2003. Since then, it has continued to serve its purpose of providing delicious food to locals and tourists and preserving, and proudly promoting Hawaiian culture. 


Daizu Tei Mochi is one of the must-try stalls in the KCC Farmers Market. The long lines in front of the stall prove it has attracted customers with its unique and premium strawberry mochi. Daizu Tei Mochi also offers pineapple, banana, honeydew, mango, and raspberry. Customers can also choose whether or not they want beans in their mochi. If you are a fan of beans, they offer azuki, lima, koshi an (red bean paste), and tsubu an (sweet azuki paste).


If you are a vegan and worried if there is anything you can eat in this market, worry no more because the market has something for you. Growing Roots Hawaii is a stall in the market that offers an assortment of vegan slushes, drinks, and snacks. Some of their drinks are even presented in pineapple or coconut, making them so aesthetically pleasing.


The KCC Farmers Market is open all Saturdays of July, from 7:30 AM to 11 AM at Kapiolani Community College. 


More adventures and food to find in Oahu

The market is the perfect place for any food lover. But do you know that there are other places where you can enjoy delicious food? After all, Oahu is a haven for food enthusiasts. 


Take the hidden gems Oahu tour that features the Waimea Botanical Garden and Byodo-In Temple as examples. These tours offer a stop for Hawaiian coffee and Macadamia nut tastings. Moreover, these two excursions also stop at a famous North Shore shrimp lunch in a local Hawaiian restaurant and tropical fruit stands. 


A stop at the island of Oahu will also allow you to taste one of Hawaii’s popular desserts – shave ice. This dessert is made by shaving a block of ice and flavoring it by pouring different syrup flavors and other sweet ingredients. 

More information about these trips can be found on Go Tours Hawaii’s website at