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King Kamehameha’s 105th Annual Celebration


Going on a trip is one of the most satisfying rewards one can give oneself after months and even years of hard work. So when you are given the opportunity to spend time relaxing and just pampering yourself, you have to ensure that you will make the most out of your getaway.


Choosing a place to spend your free time can be overwhelming since many destinations can offer you your most deserved break. But if you are having a hard time looking for the perfect tourist spot, we have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you try a Hawaiian vacation?


When it comes to vacations, Hawaii has many things to present. This Aloha state offers a plethora of mouth-watering dishes and refreshments to satisfy your hunger. Moreover, it also has many tourist attractions, such as the Waimea Botanical Garden, Diamond Head’s Amelia Earhart lookout, Byodo-In Temple, Oahu’s North Shore, Waikiki Turtle Canyon Snorkeling and so much more. 


But these are not the only things that make a Hawaiian vacation enjoyable. This paradise has various events that can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. If you visit the state this June, make sure that you have lots of energy, for you will be welcomed with many activities and celebrations. One of the most anticipated festivities this month is King Kamehameha’s 105th Annual Celebration.


A Short History of King Kamehameha I


Before joining these magnificent celebrations, you must first know King Kamehameha I. Knowing this monarch can help you appreciate the celebrations made for him.


King Kamehameha I is a great warrior, diplomat, and leader. He was responsible for uniting the Hawaiian Islands into one royal kingdom in 1810 after many years of conflict. It is believed that the King was destined for greatness since his birth. A Hawaiian legend prophesied that light in the sky with feathers such as a bird would signal the birth of a great chief. King Kamehameha I was born in 1758, the year Halley’s Comet passed over Hawaii.


At birth, he was given the name Paiea and was hidden from clashing clans in the secluded Waipio Valley. When the death threats subsided, Paiea came out from hiding and was renamed Kamehameha, which means the Lonely One. Since then, he was trained as a warrior and began his conquests. 


During his time, warfare between chiefs throughout the islands was widespread. In 1778, Captain James Cook arrived in Hawaii and joined in Kamehameha’s ambition of uniting the islands. With the help of western weapons and advisors, the king has won many fierce battles. In 1810, King Kaumualii of Kauai agreed to become a tributary kingdom under Kamehameha. This made the prophecy fulfilled.


Celebrate Hawaii with King Kamehameha’s events

Now that you understand King Kamehameha’s outstanding contribution to the Hawaiian islands, it is time to have fun and experience an authentic Hawaiian vacation by attending the events held for his name.


There will be two glorious celebrations happening this month. The first one is the King Kamehameha Statue Lei Draping Ceremony at Aliʻiolani Hale on June 10. The second event is the 105th Annual King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade & Ho‘olaule‘a.


The Lei Draping Ceremony will take place in Aliʻiolani Hale from 1 PM to 4 PM on the 10th of June. Here, you can expect to see cultural protocols and pageantry. You can also witness several beautiful hand-made lei, which will be draped on the outstretched arms of King Kamehameha. Moreover, you can enjoy Royal Hawaiian Band’s music if you attend this ceremony. 


The statue of King Kamehameha I standing proudly in front of the Aliiolani Hale is a gift from King Kalakaua, the seventh monarch and the last king of the Hawaiian Kingdom, to the people of Kohala. The statue was given to honor the birthplace of King Kamehameha I. Everyone who will participate in the ceremony can join the women of Ahahui Kaahumanu in stringing a 30-foot plumeria lei. The 30-foot lei will serve as the base of the lei on the statue. The stringing of the lei is a tradition the Hawaiian women have carried on for nearly as long as the figure stood. 


Succeeding the Lei Draping Ceremony comes the 105th Annual King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade & Ho‘olaule‘a. This event will take place on the 11th of June from 9 AM to 12 PM. But the streets will begin to close as early as 7:30 AM. The floral parade will start in Downtown Honolulu, through Waikiki, and ends at Kapiolani Park. 


Like the past floral marches, the parade will take a route from the King Street fronting ‘Iolani Palace. The participants will then head down to Punchbowl Street before making a left to Ala Moana Boulevard and eventually Kalakaua Avenue. The floral parade will finish at Monsarrat Avenue and Queen Kapiolani Park.


Following the parade is a grand feast where the public is invited to enjoy live music, food, and much more from 11:AM to 4:00 PM.


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