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Things to Pack on your Hawaiian Vacation (Infographic)


The thought of going on a Hawaiian vacation will surely make anyone excited. Because who would not be thrilled to go on an aloha adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the world? However, this anticipation could lead you to either overpacking or forgetting to bring some of the most important things you might need for your Hawaiian trip. 


With so many things to do in Hawaii, packing the right stuff is a must regardless of which Hawaiian island you are traveling to and how long you will stay in the Aloha state. Your baggage should consist of clothes, beach outfits, and a small bag to carry your most valuable items. But these are not the only essentials you might need for your Hawaiian trip.



With that in mind, here are some of the most important things you should bring as you go on a Hawaiian vacation:


  • Casual and comfy clothes

While it is common sense to bring clothes on a trip, the question is – are you packing the right set of clothes? 


Hawaii is a tropical country, which means it can be pretty warm throughout the year. While the state has two official seasons – winter and summer – it does not get too cold to need thick jackets. Therefore, when you pack your clothes for your Hawaiian vacation, make sure to think casual and comfortable. Clothes such as t-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, shorts, and capris are the most suitable garments when you visit Hawaii. 


You must also not forget to bring a swimsuit or swimming trunks because what is a Hawaiian vacation without dipping your toes in the water? Hawaii is home to plenty of beaches. One of them is Sunset Beach, located in Oahu North Shore. This beach is known for its big waves, especially during the winter, that lure many surfing enthusiasts. 


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  • Sun protection

As mentioned, the weather in Hawaii can be pretty warm for the whole year. And there are tons of outdoor activities you can do under the sun. You can either go on a Waikiki snorkeling tour or visit the Dole pineapple plantation Hawaii through Go Tours Hawaii’s hidden gems tour. 


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Given all the kinds of adventure you can experience on your Hawaiian vacation, bringing your best sun defenses is only sensible. Make sure to include hats or visors, UV protection sunglasses, and broad-spectrum sunscreen on the list of things you must bring on your Hawaii tour. But before you pack, you must ensure that the sunscreens you bring do not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, as these two sunscreen ingredients are prohibited in Hawaii.


  • Appropriate shoes

If you ask people about their dream destinations, Hawaii will surely be part of their answers. Many tourists continue to flock to this paradise because, besides the beaches and delicious food, various thrilling activities also dwell in Hawaii. One of the most popular destinations in this state is the Diamond Head.


This tourist destination was the lookout used by Amelia Earhart as she made her first solo aviation journey from Hawaii to North America. You can hike to the top, where a picturesque view of the south-eastern coastline of Oahu awaits. The hike can be a little tiring and uncomfortable. Thus, bringing the right set of shoes is a must. 


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  • Hawaii guidebook

You can either make an itinerary on your own or book a tour operator when you visit Hawaii. But no matter what your choice is, having a guidebook is a must. This seemingly “unimportant” book contains invaluable information to help you navigate through the islands of Hawaii. Moreover, guidebooks offer in-depth, insightful, cultural, and historical information about the tourist destinations you might visit.


A guidebook is incredibly convenient when you visit a historical landmark, such as Pearl Harbor. This tourist spot holds a significant role in the history of Hawaii. A guidebook can help you understand the story of the site you are about to visit, allowing you to offer the most appropriate respect for each place.


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  • Medicine and toiletries

No one wants accidents, but they can happen in the most unexpected times. Therefore, bringing medicines for first aid is only a sound decision. You can also pack some treatment for headaches, stomach aches, and ointments. These first aid meds can help you avoid any unexpected situation that might hinder you from enjoying your Hawaiian vacation.


Things you SHOULDN’T bring

Now that you have an idea of the things that should be included in your bag for your Hawaiian trip, it is time to list down the things you should avoid bringing:


  • Too many clothes

If you are going to stay in Hawaii for a long time, you might tend to pack lots of clothes. However, most hotels in Hawaii provide laundry services. Meanwhile, vacation homes and condominium units either have an in-room washer and dryer or an on-site laundromat. 


  • Coat

Unless you plan to go stargazing at the top of Mauna Kea volcano, thick clothes, such as coats, are just unnecessary baggage. If you get easily cold, you can always bring a light jacket or sweater. This is enough to protect you from the cold in case it rains. 


  • Jewelry

While it is understandable that you want to take good photos of yourself on your Hawaiian vacation, bringing valuables like pieces of jewelry is unnecessary. This might even prevent you from fully enjoying yourself, as you might just get stressed in ensuring that you are still wearing these pieces. 


  • Books

Books are an excellent way to entertain yourself inside the plane. But they can be bulky and heavy, which is an additional weight on your baggage. Instead, just bring your kindle or download your favorite series on your phone.


  • Kayaks, surfboards, snorkel gear, golf clubs

You might think bringing your own kayaks, surfboards, snorkeling gear, or golf clubs on your Hawaiian trip can help you save up. But they honestly won’t. You might even end up paying extra for these. In addition, they are a hassle to carry. If you are worried that there’s nothing you can use for your adventures, you can relax. Most tours usually include equipment, or you can just opt for rentals.


Have fun in Hawaii with Go Tours Hawaii

Packing for your Hawaiian vacation should not be filled with inconveniences, as this can affect your overall experience. Instead, your trip to Hawaii should be about fun and excitement. Knowing what essentials to bring can make your Hawaiian vacation more enjoyable and memorable. 


But aside from packing intelligently, you can also achieve a relaxing getaway by checking out Go Tours Hawaii. We are a local Hawaii tour operator specializing in Oahu Tours. Let us take you on an unforgettable Oahu vacation you will remember for a lifetime. 


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