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Explore the Hidden Gems of Hawaii: Oahu Best Island Tour (Infographic)


Going on a vacation is one of the most rewarding gifts anyone can ever give to themselves after working so hard. Visiting a place where you can freely relax and enjoy a peaceful surroundings is a privilege many people desire to have. This is why, when given the opportunity, anyone would probably go for it. 


And when you say vacation, one place is undoubtedly going to be present when you talk about top destinations– Hawaii.

Go_Hawaii_December_Infographic_Revision_Explore_the_Hidden Gems of Hawaii_Oahu_Best_Island_Tour-01

Hawaii is a dream destination not only for some but for most people out there. Who would not want to visit this place? Composed of 137 islands in total, including the eight main islands, minor islands, and islets, Hawaii indeed has a lot of things in store for any traveler. From clean beaches, superb and delicious food, friendly locals to exciting events, Hawaii has got all these.

The eight main islands (one of which is inhabited, while the other is not open to the public) have various things to offer for any tourist. Each island has its uniqueness and specialty. But among all these islands, there is one that most people love to visit, and that is Oahu. 

Welcome to Oahu

Known for its nickname “The Gathering Place,” Oahu indeed lives up to this name. Out of all the major islands, Oahu is only the third largest, but this island can quickly grab the top spot when receiving visitors. Oahu is frequented by many tourists all year round, and one of the reasons this is possible is the fusion of the East and West cultures. But aside from diverse cultural experiences, there are more things to look forward to when visiting Oahu. 

Oahu Tours

Oahu is the busiest among the eight major islands of Hawaii, and this is no surprise. This island is home to many clean beaches, numerous tourist spots, and delectable dishes. All these attractions contribute to making Oahu one of the best places where paying for an island tour will undoubtedly be worth it. 

Since the Oahu is bustling with thousands of tourists all year round, you can expect many tour operators who will offer you various island tours. But if you genuinely want to experience Oahu like a local, Go Hawaii Tours is the perfect tour operator for you. Go Hawaii Tours offers some of the best Oahu tours that will make you fully experience the beauty and flavor of the island. 

Oahu Circle Island Tour

The Oahu Circle Island Tour will allow you to explore the most beautiful tourist spots you can find on the island. The tour begins at Waikiki, where you will be welcomed and accommodated as a guest. Go Hawaii Tour’s semi-private shuttle will arrive at the time assigned to you based on the information you have input upon your booking. 

Following this welcome is the Diamond Head-Amelia Earhart Lookout. This attraction is located on the eastern side of Waikiki’s famous Diamond Head Volcano. Notable sights of Hanauma Bay and Maui can also be viewed on this lookout. 

The next stop on tour is Halona Blowhole. This is where you can find molten lava tubes from volcanic eruptions that occurred in Oahu’s Koko Head Crater. The lava extends into the ocean, and with a very narrow opening and right surfing, water pressure builds up within the lava tube. When this happens, the pressure erupts through the narrow opening, which creates a spectacular Hawaiian Geyser. 

Makapu’u Point goes next in the itinerary. Here, you can witness the dramatic sea cliffs of Waimanalo. Furthermore, you can also bask in the view of Oahu’s ever-popular Manana Island or more commonly known as the Rabbit Island. 

Hungry? Well, this tour has a lot of things in store for you. Through this tour, you can taste the delicious Kona coffee and macadamia nuts. For lunch, tourists will have the choice to eat at their chosen local restaurant or try the famous  North Shore Garlic Shrimp plate. After the scrumptious lunch, you can stop by the North Shore’s tropical fruit stand to have some fresh coconut juice, mangoes, or other tropical treats.

A visit around Chinaman’s Hat and Kualoa Valley Mountain Range, North Shore Sunset Beach, and Dole Pineapple plantation is also included in this one-of-a-kind Oahu Tour. 

But that is not yet the best part of this tour. The best part is choosing the highlight of this excursion. On this trip, you have the choice to either visit Waimea’s Botanical Garden and Waterfall, Byodo-in Temple (with Turtle Spotting), or the Oahu North Shore and go on snorkeling with the turtles.

Now, if you find it difficult to choose, worry no more because Go Hawaii Tours is here to help you out.

The Hidden Gems of Oahu

Deciding on what should be the highlight of your Oahu excursion may be challenging. After all, all of the three options are indeed promising. So to help you decide, here are the top three hidden gems of Oahu you can choose from.

If you desire to be one with nature, choosing Waimea Botanical Garden as your trip’s highlight would be perfect. Here, you can witness exceptional botanical collections. The Waimea Valley features dozens of distinct gardens with a wide variety of flowers and plants from different parts of the world.


You can also stroll through the garden and check out the Hawaiian plant collections. Many of these plants are rare and can only be seen on the island. A fresh and cool waterfall also awaits you where you can enjoy swimming.


Oahu is truly known for being a sightseeing paradise. The island is surrounded by spectacular lookout points, sandy beaches, incredible culture, and unique wildlife. And you can get all these by choosing Byodo-In Temple and Turtle Spotting for your Oahu trip highlight.


Byodo-In is a non-denominational Buddhist temple that can be found in Oahu. It is a replica of the same temple that can be found in Japan. The temple was built in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants in Hawaii. 


After visiting the temple, you will also have the chance to witness an incredible Honu occurrence. Honu is the Hawaiian name for Green Sea Turtles. The Go Hawaii Tours team will bring you to the beach, where you can watch the Honu laying on the sand and basking under the warmth of the sun. 

  • North Shore Turtle Snorkeling

If turtle spotting is not enough for you, you have the choice to swim with them. There are many snorkeling trips on Oahu, and this is just one of them. For this experience, you will be given at least 90 minutes to spot, swim, and snorkel alongside the green sea turtles. The snorkeling gear is already included in the tour price. All you have to remember is to bring sunscreen and a towel. 



Achieving a memorable Hawaiian experience is never impossible. You just have to look for the best island tours to help you have an unforgettable vacation memory. And Go Hawaii Tours is here to fulfill that dream.


Go Hawaii Tours is your local tour operator specializing in Oahu tours. We take pride in our service as we bring the Aloha philosophy wherever we go. So if you want to experience an unforgettable Oahu adventure, we can certainly assist you with that. All you have to do is contact us through our website at