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Free Parking Spots in Waikiki


Oahu is one of the most beautiful islands where you can spend your Hawaiian vacation. It is complete with beautiful beaches, delicious dishes, friendly locals, and thrilling activities that attract thousands or even millions of people to visit.


The Gathering Place, or Oahu, comprises four main districts: Honolulu, Windward, Central, and Leeward. In Honolulu, you can find a vibrant neighborhood famous for its surf beach called Waikiki. Designer fashion stores line Kalakaua Avenue, while nearby streets and areas buzz after dark with waterslide cocktail bars, fine dining, and hula shows. 


Places to Visit in Waikiki

Many people visit Waikiki for a lot of reasons. Such reasons include the most popular tourist attractions that you can only see in this district, like the famous Duke Kahanamoku Statue on Waikiki Beach and the Honolulu Zoo.


Visiting Waikiki can be a bit tough when it comes to looking for a parking space if you decide to rent a car. Because aside from the number of people flocking to this neighborhood, the cost of parking spots can be complex and costly. Most hotels charge from $30 to $50 per night. 


No one wants to spend that much on parking when they could use that money to make the most out of their Oahu excursions. That being said, we have curated a list of free parking spots you can use on your vacation to Oahu. 


The Diamond Head, also known as Amelia Earhart lookout, is one of Waikiki’s most popular tourist destinations. This attraction is an elevated view perched on the eastern side of Waikiki’s famous Diamond Head volcano. The lookout provides an excellent opportunity for tourists to get their photos taken.


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But apart from the view, the Diamond Head also offers travelers free or cheap parking spots. In Kapiolani Park, you will see an abundant metered Diamond Head road for parking. You can park freely on Sundays and have to pay 50 cents per hour on weekdays to Saturdays. You can also park here overnight. 


  • Waikiki Shell


Here is another parking space you can go to after visiting the Diamond Head – Waikiki Shell. This parking area is located in Kapiolani Park, near Diamond Head. The Waikiki Shell was built in 1956 and has been a popular venue for outdoor concerts and other large gatherings in Waikiki. This event place can house 2,400 persons, while its lawn area has a capacity of 6,000 persons. 


The Waikiki Shell offers free unlimited and overnight parking. However, you must watch for signs indicating occasional closures for special events. If this area is already filled up, you can check Honolulu Zoo, which offers parking for $1.50 an hour with a 4-hour maximum at any time. 


  • Ala Moana Beach Park


Ala Moana beach park offers free all-day parking for tourists and locals inside the park. However, if you are going to park your cars here, remember to read the signs carefully. 


Another thing to remember is that Ala Moana beach park does not offer overnight parking. All parks in Hawaii are closed overnight, and cars left there are the primary target of break-ins.  If you visit the park on weekends, ensure to be there as early as possible because the park can get very busy and crowded. 


During the day, you can head to the Ala Moana Mall for covered parking. On the weekends, additional free parking opens up after 12 noon at the Ala Moana Building.


  • Ala Wai Canal


The Ala Wai Canal is an artificial waterway located in Honolulu, Hawaii. This canal serves as the northern boundary of the tourist district of Waikiki. The roads in this area are provided as a free parking spots, but you have to be there before the crowds start flocking in. There is one thing to remember, though – you must move your vehicle out of the roads before 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Mondays and Fridays, as these days are reserved for tree trimming. 


But you do not have to worry as you can transfer to the Hawaii Convention Center, where the parking spaces are free 24 hours a day. 


Have fun in Waikiki with Go Tours Hawaii

Waikiki is a special place that needs to be seen by many people. Going here should all be about fun and excitement, not stress and anxieties. So if you want a way to achieve a relaxing getaway in this small yet magnificent neighborhood, try checking out Go Tours Hawaii.

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