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Welcome to Makapu’u Point


Without a doubt, Hawaii is indeed one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With all the great food, clean beaches, and friendly locals, it is not surprising why many people are constantly falling in love with this Aloha State. But aside from the food, beaches, and locals, the numerous scenic views significantly contribute to Hawaii’s main selling point. 


Hawaii is an archipelago consisting of eight major islands, and each of these islands is worth exploring. But if you are looking for a balance between thrilling activities to do in Hawaii and sightseeing tours, Oahu is the perfect island for you. 


Known as “The Gathering Place,” Oahu has certainly done its part in welcoming many tourists worldwide. Oahu is the third-largest island famously known for serving delicious dishes. Here, it is customary to see food stalls selling different varieties of food–from lunch meals to snacks and desserts. Furthermore, Oahu is a popular tourist destination because of the attractions you can visit. You can find the wonderful Waimea Botanical Garden and waterfalls on this island. Additionally, you can enjoy a serene day by visiting the Byodo-In Temple. The Dole Plantation and the North Shore are also located in Oahu.


But apart from the mentioned attractions, there is one place that hikers would undoubtedly enjoy–the Makapuu Point.


Welcome to Makapuu Point

makapu-u-look-out - IJFNAj56

Makapuu Point, also known as Kaiwi Scenic Shoreline, is one of Oahu’s most famous hiking spots. This attraction is located at the southeastern point of the island. The trail’s total distance is two miles or 3219 meters, with an elevation of 500 feet. Typically, the journey would take around forty-five minutes. 


Many people who have already visited this tourist spot have described the hike as an easy one. While there are some steep inclines, there is a pavement where you can safely walk on. When it comes to the scenery, they have expressed that the place displays breathtaking views from every angle of the lookout. So if you are going to visit this place, make sure to bring a camera with you. In addition, they have also noted during December to May that there have been frequent whale sightings. 


Makapu’u Point is also home to a 113-year-old lighthouse. While visitors are not allowed to go inside or to the top of the lighthouse, it is still serving its purpose as an active aid for seafarers’ navigation. This shining beacon is sitting over the 600-foot sea cliff overlooking Makapuu Beach.


Things to do in Makapuu Point

While Makapuu Point is famous for being a hiking spot, there are more things to do here besides hiking. If you walk towards the main road, you can reach a platform to see the shoreline and the lighthouse below you. Also, Oahu’s neighboring islands, Molokai and Lanai, are visible from this point. 


Moreover, you can let yourself sink into the serene vibe of the place as you watch sea birds and whales through a telescope provided. You can also take as many pictures as you want while enjoying the fresh breeze of the air. 


You can also have fun as you go beach walking or hike down to the tide pools. There are giant tide pools and a giant blowhole which are porous rocks filled with seawater. Many sea creatures, such as small fishes, crabs, shrimp, and algae, thrive here. Lastly, you can see Oahu’s famous Manana Island, also known as Rabbit Island, due to its rabbit-like shape.


How to get to Makapuu Point?

There are several ways to go to Makapuu Point–you can either drive towards the location, ride a bus, or hire a tour operator.


  • Local Tour Operator

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If you do not want to get stressed over creating an itinerary for your vacation or figuring out directions, booking a travel operator is the best choice for you. You can check Go Tours Hawaii’s Waimea Botanical Garden Tour or book an excursion to the Byodo-in Temple. These two tours offer a stop at Makapuu Point, where you can witness its beauty.


By booking a trip with an operator specializing in Oahu tours you are not only going to see Makapuu Point but also other tourist attractions such as Halona Blowhole, Oahu North Shore, Diamond Head, and many more. For more information about these Oahu sightseeing tours, you can check Go Tours Hawaii’s website at


  • By Car

Driving Car in Hawaii -NdIOAj d451

If you want to drive your car, you can find the park and beginning of the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail at Highway 72 of Kalanianaole Highway. This is located in the South-east part of Oahu. From Waikiki, your trip could take about 45 minutes. Following the road, you will reach Sandy Beach Park, which is adjacent to the highway. You will also pass across Hawaii Kai, Hanauma Bay, and Hawaii Kai Golf Course. As you continue your journey towards the southeast, you will move through Kailua, Waimanalo, and Makapuu Beach Park. 


  • By Bus

bus -DJWOA51463

Apart from driving a car, you can also take a bus to reach Makapuu Point. There will be a bus service with the name Oahu Bus Services. From Kuhio Avenue, you need to take bus number 22 or 23. Kuhio Ave is located in Waikiki, near the Diamond Head. This trip would take around 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions. One important thing you have to note if you are riding a bus is that these buses run every hour during weekdays and every half an hour during weekends. 


Things to remember before going to Makapuu Point

Before hiking your way up to the peak of Makapuu Point, there are several things you have to remember to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience. Here are some of them:


  • Bring water with you since the hike might dehydrate you.
  • You can bring binoculars to enjoy bird or whale watching more.
  • Wear sunscreen, especially during summer, because the heat towards the peak might be scorching.
  • Wear proper attire. While you can wear comfortable shoes during summer, it is still more advisable to wear hiking boots since some parts of the trail might be muddy and slippery.
  • If you are driving your car, be sure to bring a lot of patience, especially during peak season. During this time, the location is usually flocked with many visitors, meaning the parking spaces can be filled up pretty quickly. To avoid being hassled, try to reach Makapuu Point before 9 AM.
  • While there are toilets and picnic tables at Makapuu Beach, there are no nearby restaurants. So it would be better to bring some snacks or lunch with you.
  • Ensure your health first before you go hiking. Although it is said that the Makapuu Trail hike is less challenging than the others, there are still some hazards and struggles that may inflict injury. Obey posted signs and always stay on the designated path.
  • The trail is open from 7 AM to 6:45 PM.


Travel with Go Tours Hawaii

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