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Dolphin Snorkel Excursion


When you say summer vacation, there are a lot of possible places that you can think of, and Hawaii is probably one of those. Many people frequent this archipelagic state for various reasons, such as delicious dishes, friendly locals, and scenic views. But aside from these three, the numerous clean beaches are what lure people in. With its geographical location in the Pacific Ocean, it is no wonder why many beaches surround this state. 


Hawaii is indeed a perfect summer getaway destination because aside from the beautiful things mentioned above, this paradise also offers many activities you and your loved ones can certainly enjoy. Among all the fun things to do in Hawaii is dolphin snorkeling. 


Since many beaches surround Hawaii, it is only natural to encounter many diving tours across the state, but Oahu is undoubtedly the ideal island for snorkeling. There are plenty of snorkeling tours on Oahu for different skill levels. So it does not matter whether you are a newbie or an expert, there will be a snorkeling spot for you. 


Ideal months for dolphin snorkeling

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While dolphins are year-round residents in the waters of Hawaii, the ideal months for snorkeling with them are between April to May and August to November. As for professional swimmers and surfers, they prefer swimming with the dolphins between November and March when the water is cooler and rougher.


Besides the months, it is also important to note that dolphins are most active at the crack of dawn, between 10 AM to noon, and from 2 PM until dusk. You can use a pair of binoculars or telephoto lenses to spot these beauties much easier. 


Dolphin Snorkeling Tour

If you just want to relax and appreciate the wonders of the sea, you can book Go Tours Hawaii’s sightseeing tours to Waimea Botanical Garden and Byodo-in Temple. Through these excursions, you can witness the beauty of Oahu’s North Shore. While there is a low probability of seeing dolphins, you can still dip your toes in the sand and bask in the beauty of the sea.


On the other hand, if you genuinely want to have a close encounter with these sea creatures, booking a tour that will focus on dolphin snorkeling is the ideal thing to do. Go Tours Hawaii also offers a dolphin snorkel excursion.


Through this tour, you are not only going to watch them swim, but you are also going to be on the water with them. The cruise will begin with a traditional Hawaiian Oli (ancient prayer) dedicated to the ocean to guide you and pray for your safety. After the prayer, you can enjoy playing and swimming with the wild dolphins.


Additionally, this tour will bring you to another snorkeling spot where you can swim along with fishes and Hawaii’s guardian sea deity, sea turtles. Furthermore, you can also enjoy other activities on Oahu, such as the climbing wall, big floating mat, water slide, and stand-up paddleboard. If you visit during November to early March, you are more likely to see whales along the way.


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Trusted Local Tour Operator

Hawaii is truly a perfect paradise for those seeking peace and relaxing vacation. But it is also not hidden knowledge that planning a trip can be pretty stressful. So for a hassle-free getaway, why don’t you just entrust your vacation with the professionals?


Go Tours Hawaii is your local tour operator specializing in Oahu tours. Our team comprises dedicated tour guides who can provide you with an unforgettable Hawaiian experience. We offer different excursions according to your budget, itinerary, and preferences.

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