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Experiencing Aloha In Hawaii, And Bringing It Home With You


If it is your first time visiting Hawaii, Aloha is the very first word you will probably learn.  Many visitors have always associated this local word to the culture of Hawaii in general. However, did you know that for locals, Aloha means something deeper than just a greeting?

But the word means even more, it is a way of life. The official publications tell us that “Aloha” derives from the Proto-Polynesian word “qarofa”. Interestingly, the Maori language has a similar word with identical meanings – “aroha.” Aloha means love, affection, peace, sympathy, pity, kindness, mercy and compassion. However, it also has a deeper impact on the Hawaiian culture. For Hawaiians, the ‘Aloha Spirit,’ is a unique way of living: the ultimate lifestyle; or the secret to a rich life.

In fact, it is important that kids in Hawaii know the meaning of their ‘culture’ at the very young age. Aloha is being part of all, and all being part of you. You are one with nature— everything around you like the wind, the waves, the animals, and the people’s spirits. At the same time, all of these entities of the world contribute to who you are and what you do.

The Aloha spirit stands for a feeling of peace, hospitality, good will, family, generosity, honor and happiness. This characteristic of Hawaiian natives will never fail to identify with and take pride with. Multiple languages all over the world adopted this famous expression; with the help of surfing and its cool approach towards life.

To have or not have Aloha, that is the meaning of life. The popularity of the word kept growing, and Hawaii got a new nickname for the license plates: “Aloha State.”

Tourists in Hawaii can do a lot of things, see a lot of places, and meet a lot of people and imbibe the Aloha spirit while staying in the island state. Visitors should always remember that they should always live with the Aloha state of mind.

Sit back and relax. This is your vacation, there’s no need to fuss if you didn’t follow your itinerary religiously. Go with the flow! Sometimes, there is more fun when you don’t know what to expect. You are in Hawaii to relax and to enjoy nature and the company of your friends and family. It is a fine time to forget about work, stress, and other negative things that make you not enjoy life.

The people of Hawaii are arguably one of the best people in the world. They are welcoming and hospitable and they are the proudest when it comes to their culture. It would be a privilege to call some as friends. Use your travel a chance to expand your connections. Instead of checking in hotels, try lodging at the crib on your next visit and meet a new Hawaiian friend.

Being in Hawaii for a vacation is also a great time to see its beautiful views; but its history will captivate you even more. Learn about their history through museums and chit chats with the locals. Ask how the names of their mountains and shorelines came to be. Expose yourself to the local art and music scene.

Be it watersports or mountain or cliff hikes, Hawaii has definitely something to make you move your feet. Dancing their state dance, Hula, will make you go sweating like crazy. Rain or shine, there is always something in store for everyone.

Hawaii is a natural wonder. In fact, it is a home for some endangered plants and animals.  Its government, convince the locals as well as the tourists to follow a few regulation to protect their nature.

When your vacation in the Aloha State ends, you can always look back; bring this positive energy and outlook in life wherever you go.

Preserve your Hawaiian trip through a scrapbook and a memory box. If you love writing, make a journal or a blog about how good your vacation in Hawaii is. It may be a cliche but having these stuff would remind you how great Hawaii is; and how perfect it is to experience and bring the ‘Aloha spirit’ in you. That’s is something remarkable, isn’t it?

Or you can watch the films that feature Hawaii such as the Jurassic Park movies and Just Go with It. There are a lot to choose from because the region is such a photogenic place to shoot some great cinematography. Remember that one of the biggest industries of Hawaii in general is Tourism. Let your experiences in the island inspire others to visit it too. Encourage friends and family by sharing your stories about your vacation.

Adapting the ‘Aloha spirit’ is simply the best. It is like an awareness that you’re one with everything—every action can affect somebody or something without you knowing it. Everyone should be responsible for their actions. And of course , you should live life as peace-loving, sympathetic, kind, and compassionate as you can.

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