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Kid-Friendly Hiking Spots in Oahu


Hiking is one of the most well-loved pastimes all over the world. People have different reasons why they want to hike. Some love spending time with nature, while others are after the adrenaline rush and challenge of climbing summits. Some parents choose hiking as a way to bond with their kids. 


Fortunately, Hawaii offers multiple hiking locations suited for children, and here are some of them. 


Kid-Friendly Hiking Spots in Oahu

Hiking in Oahu is one of the best types of family fun. The islands are filled with lush greenery and tropical flowers, so naturally, you’ll want to take a walk through it all. These kid-friendly hiking spots on Oahu will ensure that your kids have a blast as they discover and explore the natural beauty of Hawaii. Or, if you prefer a guided local tour that stops at some of these scenic places, you can check out some Oahu excursions


Waimea Botanical Garden

Length: 3.5 KM 

Estimated Time for Hike: 49 minutes

Waimea’s trail is paved with a slight incline that leads up to a waterfall so any skill level or age can easily do this hike, making it perfect if you want to go on a hiking adventure with your kids. 


On the other hand, if you and your family feel too tired from walking, you can have the option to ride the shuttle service for an additional cost. This is a great option for when the whole family comes and grandparents might opt for that option for an easy way to the waterfall.


After the hike, you will be rewarded by the clean and majestic Waimea waterfalls, where you can swim and have fun with your kids! Just be mindful of the weather. There will also be lifeguards available to help you if needed. 


Admission fees to this hike range from $14 for children ages 4-12 to $25 for adults.


If you decide to join a tour, Go Tours Hawaii offers an excursion to Waimea Botanical Gardens with a few other stops around the island. You can check this out here.


Diamond Head

Length: 3.5 KM 

Estimated Time for Hike: 1 hour


Another hiking spot where kids are welcome is the Diamond Head hike. This is a moderate hike that can take about an hour; most of the hike includes stairs.


Diamond Head has flatter areas where you can stop to rest and catch your breath while looking at beautiful landscapes. The hike is also surrounded by safety rails that can help a lot when you have kids on the trek.


You can visit the Diamond Head hike directly or book a hidden gems Oahu tour with Go Tours Hawaii if you are looking to sightsee near Diamond Head. This excursion will bring you to the beautiful Diamond Head views and other local destinations, such as the Waimea Botanical Garden or Byodo-In Temple. 


Check out this link to see what fun awaits!


Makapuu Point Lighthouse

Length: 4.0 KM

Estimated Time for Hike: 1 hour, 15 minutes


Makapuu plays a significant role in the history of Hawaii. According to the legends, Makapuu is a supernatural being who took up residence on the point that now bears her name. This being’s defining feature was her set of eight bright eyes. Hence, her name is Makapuu, which means bulging eye in Hawaii.


The trail on this legendary point lighthouse is one of the easiest hikes you can find in Oahu. This is primarily because the entire path is paved for you. Not only can you hike on Makapuu’s trail easily, but you can even bring a stroller with you. This is how easy it is to hike in Makapuu Lighthouse. 


Although trekking to this hiking spot is relatively easy.


Manoa Falls Trail

Length: 2.7 KM

Estimated Time for Hike: 1 hour, 10 minutes


Manoa Falls Trail is another easy hike in Oahu. The Manoa Falls Trail is a short and easy one, but no one can say it’s uninteresting or boring. The forest where you will walk through will feel like a paradise, especially if you seek solitude instead of crowds. You will see different types of plants and animals. This hike defines what a Hawaiian tropical rainforest really looks like. 


A waterfall will also greet you once you have reached the top, actually. While visitors are not permitted to swim in the waterfall, just witnessing the beauty of this body of water is enough to ease up your exhaustion from hiking. 


However, unlike the aforementioned hiking spots, Manoa’s trail is not paved, so it is best not to bring strollers. Kids of all ages, though, can easily walk through the course. On a rainy day in the valley of a rainforest, expect muddy trails and large unique and amazing flora.


Aiea Loop Trail

Length: 7.7 KM

Estimated Time for Hike: 2.5 – 3 hours


Thanks to the foresters that replanted most of the area in the late 1920s, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Aiea Loop Trail. 

This trail runs along the ridge on the west side of Hawala Valley. This hiking spot offers scenic views of the southern coastline of Oahu, from Pearl Harbor and Waianae Range to Honolulu and Diamond Head. 


While this hike is pretty long, it does not involve strenuous hiking. However, be prepared for some gradual uphill climbs with a steep switchback. You will also encounter some stream crossing at the end of the trail. 

Tips for Hiking with Kids

Hiking is a fun activity for adventure junkies – but it can sometimes be a different experience with kids. We have some tips on making your hiking experience more enjoyable for you and your children.


  • Time is your friend: Kids are natural explorers who will want to touch and see everything, which is great! Additionally, children have a much shorter attention span than adults. It’s wise to plan accordingly if you want to do any other plans on the same day afterwards. Think of it this way–hiking can be a good experience for your kid to explore more of the world!

  • Prepare essentials: Hiking is tiring even for adults, much more if it is for kids. Before hiking, prepare your usual essentials but make sure to add some items solely for the comfort of your kid/s. Items like mosquito repellent, towels, wet wipes, tissues, lip balms, binoculars, and safety whistles are just a few things you can bring with you. 

  • Dress comfortably and bring extras: The basics in hiking is to bring extra clothes you can use after the hike. However, if you are with kids, bring replacement clothes, rain clothes, and some jackets if the weather gets chilly. Being prepared is much better than being in a situation you do not plan for. 

  • Plan frequent energy stops: Hiking, even an easy one, can sometimes tire out your little one and wipe out their energy, which is usually the goal on most days for parents. You can take several breaks for food, fluids or just to sit down for a bit.

  • Make it fun: Children love fun, and keeping them happy as you hike can make them motivated. Create games while you are out on the trail. You can arrange a mini scavenger hunt or give the trivia about animals or plants you may encounter along the way. Or even the classic “I spy”.


  • Hike often: Once you have successfully hiked with your kids, be consistent and try to make it into a family bonding activity. After all, kids love adventure and sending them outside hiking is not only going to be beneficial for your family but also for their health. Even when you return home. You may find a new family tradition that your children will never forget.


Have a Fun Excursion in Hawaii with Go Tours Hawaii

Visiting Hawaii means being welcomed by many fun and exciting activities, such as hiking. These activities will be more fun if you can rely on a tour operator guaranteed to take care of you on your journey. 


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