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How to Visit Oahu on a Budget in 2023

Sunrise over the world famous and popular snorkeling spot of Han

Oahu is one of the eight major islands in Hawaii. It is known to be Hawaii’s Gathering Place, as millions of tourists visit the island annually for its numerous activities. 

In addition, Oahu offers various delectable dishes both locals and tourists can enjoy. However, like other vacation destinations, Oahu can be expensive. This can be a huge concern for travelers looking for a cheap place to visit. 

Fortunately, there are ways to visit Oahu on a budget!


Oahu on a Budget

With all the food stalls, souvenir shops, tourist attractions, shopping malls, and fun activities around Oahu, going around the island can be pretty intimidating, especially if you are on a limited budget. 

The point is, you do not need massive amounts of cash to have a good time in Oahu.

Here are some things you can do in Oahu while on a budget:

Book an Oahu Tour

Some might think booking a tour is costly, but many need to realize that it can actually be cheaper than creating your own itinerary. By reserving a slot for tours in Oahu, you can visit more places than one. 

Take Go Tours Hawaii, for example. Their Hidden Gems Oahu Tour can bring you to the Waimea Botanical Garden or the Byodo-In Temple. These tours offer stops in several Oahu tourist destinations like Diamond Head, Makapuu Lighthouse, Halona Blowhole, and more. 

You may check out these tours by visiting the Go Tours Hawaii website

Stay in the North Shore


When you go to Oahu, it is understandable that the first place you will think of your accommodations is Honolulu since it is the capital. However, do you know you can find cheaper accommodations if you stay on the North Shore? 

While the North Shore receives plenty of guests, it is less crowded than Honolulu. Furthermore, the North Shore has amazing laid back beaches and some of the world’s top surfing sites.

North Shore’s central hotel, Turtle Bay, is also located in this tourist destination, but it might not suit travelers on a budget. There’s no need to worry, because North Shore has plenty of affordable and quality rental condos, hostels, and guest houses. 

Go Beach-Hopping on a Bus


Since Oahu is used to welcoming many guests every year, you can expect this island to have a transport system that will help tourists go around. Oahu has an efficient and affordable bus service that only costs a whopping $5.50 for a day pass. This trip will bring you to Waikiki and other distant beaches such as Lanikai or the North Shore. 

Eat Out around Chinatown in Honolulu


Besides the numerous beaches and friendly locals, Oahu is known for its delicious food. As you visit the island, you will see plenty of food stalls offering different delicacies. 

Honolulu’s Chinatown is another destination food lovers can visit. This place serves many great food options at budget-friendly prices. The neighborhood has transformed from a red-light and gambler’s haven to a thriving center for art, food, and shopping. 

Visit Hawaii State Art Museum


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Hawaii is known for its rich culture and appreciation for art. You can witness that love if you visit the Hawaii State Art Museum. This gallery highlights the works of contemporary artists. If you have some money to spare, you may also purchase some of the works of local artists onsite. The museum also has a café, where you can spend time relaxing. 

The museum offers guided tours and evening entertainment every first Friday of the month. It also has “meet the artist” lecture sessions every last Tuesday of the month. Do you know what’s the best thing about all this? They are all free!

Off-Season Vacation


If you truly want to save while enjoying a vacation, book a flight during the cheapest months to visit Oahu – late November and early March. These two are Oahu’s off-season months when there are few tourists. 

Traveling off-peak will not only allow you to save up but will also let you enjoy less crowded tourist spots. This means you can be more relaxed and take as many photos as possible without worrying about photobombers in your pictures. 

There is no denying that visiting Hawaii can be an expensive trip. But like we said, there is no need to spend tons of money to have fun! Just find a way to do it on a budget.


Have a Budget-Friendly Vacation with Go Tours Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful island in itself, but it can be more enjoyable if you go around its islands with a local and reputable tour expert like Go Tours Hawaii. 

Go Tours Hawaii is a local tour operator specializing in Oahu tours. Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind and authentic Hawaiian experience to our clients. Through our Oahu excursions, we will make you feel the true Aloha spirit. 

For inquiries, call us at 1-808-926-3090 or email us at [email protected].

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