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How to Pack Light for Your Hawaiian Trip

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

You’re finally flying to Hawaii! Probably for a long time, you have daydreamed of its crystal clear waters, fine white sand, great food, and hospitable people. For months, you have prepared your itinerary—where to stay and what to do in these tropical islands. Everything is set—except the part where you pack your things. You definitely don’t know how to pack light for your Hawaiian trip?

A lot of people are struggling with packing—all that folding (or rolling) and space skimping can be a total nightmare. While everybody loves to travel, most dread the task of actually preparing a bag and skimping all of the clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous stuff they need to bring to their destination.

Packing Hacks

If you are counting the days until you finally set foot on the Hawaiian Islands, you might want to check these packing hacks now! Your vacation should be worry-free and easy. Don’t don’t burden yourself with heavy bags and panic packing. Keep in mind that you will surely not enjoy a trip if your baggage is too heavy, full of clothes you won’t even wear and things you won’t even use.

Before you start packing:


Plan your packing like a pro by laying out the details of your trip: How many days would you spend on your vacation? What kinds of places will you visit? Are there restrictions? What’s the weather like? It would be very helpful to consult your itinerary when packing. Take note of all the activities that you will be doing per day and plan the appropriate attire. Remember to research so that you will be aware of some clothing guidelines or restrictions based on the place’s culture and traditions.

Plan your packing around your schedule. Are you going to the beach? For sure you won’t need cocktail dresses and high heels, right? Are you going to do a lot of walking and trekking? Be sure to pack some reliable sneakers. This way, you can be sure that you will not be lacking any piece of clothing if you pack it per day or per activity. It lessens the chances that you over pack too.

Do some research.

Hawaii is a tropical, but sometimes, weather can still surprise you and can be very unpredictable. Thanks to the internet, you can have a higher chance of preparing for a very warm weather, or some rain showers that can come your way.  Hawaii is generally warm year-round, but sometimes you might encounter a short cold spell when visiting in the winter months.

Make an outfit checklist.

After consulting your itinerary, list down your outfits and make a checklist. Use this list when packing and don’t add anything else that you have not thought enough through.

Pack Outfits Smart

Go for the double duty. Neutral colored clothes that can be paired with anything, convertible bags, etc. Include the pieces that does not only serve one purpose and toss those who needs other things to work.

It would also be best to pack monochromatic outfits so that you can pair it with any bag or shoes that you will bring. Be sure to include versatile clothes such as shirt dresses, leggings/tights, rubber sandals, etc. It’s now up to you to mix and match and unleash your inner stylist!

How do Hawaiians dress?

Do you want to stand out as a tourist in Hawaii, or blend in like the locals? Of course it would be better to blend in and be like them.

Although there are no strict rules on how to dress up in the islands, consider the following tips:

  • Opt to wear slippers or flip flops when travelling, instead of sandals, sneakers and closed shoes—these is give away sign that you are a tourist.
  • Don’t think about wearing a sun visor and waist bags.
  • Speedos and similar tight swimwear is very uncommon in the islands of Hawaii. Choose swimming trunks that fall to your mid-thighs or lower. Women can wear any swimsuit they like.


Invest in travel bag organizers

Packing cubes, packing folders, or some Ziploc, proven to be an effective and useful packing trick without fail. By properly organizing your clothes, shoes, outerwear, and accessories, you can maximize your luggage space. With these accessories, you can play around the arrangement of your things.

Roll, not fold.

Even if you use packing accessories, rolling your clothes instead of folding them will let you use less space. Just make sure to put fabric sheets in between clothes that easily wrinkle to lessen the chances of crumpling. You can always borrow some flat iron on your chosen hotel just in case.

Bring travel-sized essentials.

Best to purchase travel size condiments before embarking on your trip. This will make sure you have everything you need for hygienic purposes the second you land and don’t have to go looking for a convenience store. If you don’t want to add up to the expense, you can just transfer what you already have into smaller containers built for travelling specifically. There are also lots of hacks online on how you can have an extra room when packing your hygiene essentials.

Don’t forget the beach essentials: sunscreen and swim gear.

Since the majority of your time in Hawaii will be at the beach, don’t forget to make room for your beach essentials—from swimwear to sun protection. Pack two swimsuits for each individual, just to make sure. Toss in some slippers, a hat, some glasses, and of course, SPF.