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Ultimate Hawaii Snorkel Guide


Hawaii is one of the world’s top tropical paradise destinations. To date, millions of guests have come to the island state to experience their dream vacation. Usually consisting of blue skies, salty breeze from the ocean, and lush green mountains.

One of the most popular activities in the whole of Hawaii is snorkeling. What’s not to love? It is a fun and relaxing way to view the colorful, fascinating, and  diverse ecosystem underwater. Beginners and pros can truly enjoy this activity.  Besides, it lets you have an encounter with creatures like fish and turtles without without reaching the ocean floor. It generally takes place in shallow water, where you can watch undersea life from the surface of the water. The ideal places to practice snorkeling are in warm, calm seas with clear water. Coral reefs, due to the richness of the seabed and underwater life.

Snorkeling gears

Without exerting extra effort, people may enjoy underwater life over a long period of time through snorkel equipment. Compared to scuba diving, snorkeling doesn’t require much gear. You only need:

  • Goggles- You need googles for yours eyes to stay open under the salty water. Make sure that your googles fits with your eye and face as well.
  • Snorkel- These come with different styles, types and sizes. To make sure you get the right one, always consider the shape of your mouth.
  • Diving Mask- Full face snorkel masks are a new option that combine a snorkel and a mask into one unit. For some people these are great, But they also have some disadvantages. This should depend on your preference and comfort.
  • Swimming Fins- You are free to choose what swimming fins you would use for snorkeling. Your skill level, strength and if you like to free-dive or not, should be consider. You can get them with a closed or open foot, with split fins or solid, or compact travel versions. Some even prefer snorkeling without fins.
  • Life Vest- It is important especially for beginners to wear a life vest. This will make them feel safer on the water.

How to snorkel?

Snorkeling is basically just gliding and floating with a view underneath. When snorkeling, make sure that your equipment works and fits. It is important to use a set of gear you are comfortable with. If you have bad eyesight, consider getting a prescription-adjusted mask to help you see underwater without glasses or contact lenses. Disposable ones are great for snorkeling in.

First, you have to test snorkeling in a pool or in a shallow area by the beach. Second, always keep the top of snorkel afloat.  If water comes in, you can easily blow the water out. Then, practice proper breathing. You should remind yourself that panicking is not good, it will just disrupt your form. A general rule specially for starters is to “stick by is to not use your hand”. Fold them across your chest to help keep you warm. Lastly, float and glide using your fins.

Snorkeling in Calm Water

During snorkeling, choose a place that has calm water. Waves aren’t good when snorkeling, most especially when its your first time. It increases the effort you have to put in to get from one point to another. For first timers, snorkeling in beach instead of boat jumping is advisable. This will keep you comfortable so that you can swim towards a depth you want..

Snorkeling is definitely an enjoyable activity, but if you are just a beginner, don’t wander off to deeper seas. On the other hand, if you are a long time and skilled snorkeling, still don’t attempt to perform daring acts. You will just put your life in danger and the marine animals as well.

In case you are having a hard time snorkeling, just practice. There is no good reason to push your limits as you snorkel. These will change and grow as you become more experienced.