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Top 10 Must-Try Dessert Places in Oahu

shave ice in hawaii

Hawaiian cuisine remains to be the most interesting, and delicious foods in its region. It serves as a multi-cultural melting pot in the Pacific Ocean. Their local cuisine expressed every dish and specialty in the islands.

It’s still one of the most distinct cuisines in the world despite its varied flavors of dishes. From Poi to Laulau, many tourists can’t deny that each Hawaiian meal is as sumptuous as they would like.

But obviously, most of the tourists wants to end each and every Hawaiian meal—a sweet note. After all, there’s nothing wrong with eating Oahu’s best loved desserts.

Here are the top 10 must try dessert places in Oahu that you should definitely check out.

Leonard’s Bakery

Leonard’s Bakery is the home of the popular and well-loved Malasadas. A couple from Portugal, Arsenio and Amelia DoRego founded this bakery in Maui. They used to be workers in sugar cane fields. Three generations after, their grandson Leonard moved to Honolulu where he worked at Snowflake Bakery. Leonard and his family’s are into bakery. Because of this, he opened up his own and called it Leonard’s Bakery in 1952. Together with Margaret his wife, their business became popular as it is today.

Not long after opening, Leonard’s mother suggested making ‘Malasadas’. Malasadas is a Portuguese delicacy. It’s an egg-sized ball of yeast dough. After shaping the dough, they will coat it with granulated sugar. And lastly, they will deep fry it in oil.

After years of being in demand in the whole of Hawaii, Leonard’s Bakery perfected its recipe. And they continue to improve along the way. Today, aside from plain Malasadas, they offer different flavors including: custard, chocolate, and coconut.

Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha

Nothing is more Hawaiian than eating at Uncle Clay’s. From the name of the restaurant up to its interior, tourists can definitely feel Hawaii’s spirit and culture. Their sumptuous shaved ice is their best seller. This icy cold dessert has different toppings and filled with ice cream. There’s nothing better to beat the Hawaiian heat than these.

Would you believe that customers can build their own ice cold desserts? In fact, you can choose from wide variety of toppings, ice cream flavors, and syrup flavors. For customers who want to taste something delightful, they can look for shop’s pre-made menu.

Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream

Japanese greatly influenced Hawaiian’s cookery. Actually, Hawaii has a dessert version of Japanese sashimi (raw fish)—mochi ice cream.

Mochi is a small and round dessert ball. It consist of: soft-sticky rice cake and delicious creamy ice cream that’s surprisingly tastes like heaven. Significantly, Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream has perfected the recipe for new mochi ice cream creations.

Uber Factory

Uber Factory is certainly not a car service. Specifically, it is a bakery specializing in Hawaiian inspired tarts. Incorporating Hawaiian flavors of freshness into little tarts is the expertise of this dessert place.  To emphasize, they bake fresh and special goodies out of the oven everyday.

Black Sheep Cream

If you want an icy dessert, visit Black Sheep Cream. It is an ice cream shop which showcases the islands’ natural flavors. Particularly, you can get a flight of flavors for $10. You must also try 4 different ones with an optional topping of fudge or caramel.

Liliha Bakery

Liliha is easily one of the local favorites in Oahu.  It offers both savory and sweet delights. This cafe is also  popular for the tourists because of the cozy ambiance. The shop can also be a lunch place for many. Just a reminder: expect a line because of its popularity, but it moves fast.


For cheesecake and cookie lovers, UBAE is the one stop shop for you. Specifically, the name of their cafe derived from the root crop called Ube which is a sweet purple yam. The owners have incorporated the earthy and creamy taste of it to cheesecakes and cookies. It produces a distinct taste and appearance. Its vibrant color  is very much appealing in photos  which is also great for posting on social media. The taste is very exquisite; the hype is very much worth it.

Gelato Café Haleiwa

This list is not complete without a gelato shop. It is a must stop shop for gelato, Belgian waffle and cappuccino lover out there. Their shop is also an upbeat place with friendly service, and even better ice cream. If you’re heading up to Oahu North Shore, stop by for a break from the heat.

Cake Envy

Cake Envy is popular not only for the wide array of cake choices but for their amazing flavors as well.

A cheesecake called “Slice of Heaven” is among their offerings. It is their best seller and definitely a must try for anyone who is in the area.

Sugarlina Bakeshop

Definitely, one of the best stops in the downtown area is Sugarlina Bakeshop. They offer cupcakes that are ‘to die for’, according to tourists and locals who were lucky to visit the bakery. Each cupcake is full of flavor, perfectly moist, and complete with amazing decoration.