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The Traveller’s Guide: Visit Hawaii with Kindness

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Traveling to a new place, seeing beautiful sceneries, and experiencing new cultures will always be fun. But traveling entails being knowledgeable. You have to be aware of certain customs and traditions of the country you are visiting. This way, you can avoid offending people or doing things that are considered rude in their cultures.

And speaking of traveling, Hawaii is one of the places almost everyone dreams to visit. Who wouldn’t? It has beautiful beaches, hospitable people, delicious food, and one of a kind culture. Time and time again, Hawaii has proven that it does belong to the world’s must-see places.

Aloha traveler! Buckle up, for we will tell you some etiquette tips to keep in mind before you hop on that plane and visit Hawaii.

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The Lei Etiquette

Do you know that beautiful garland made out of flowers? That’s what you call Lei. This special garland has a deep cultural significance as they been used by Hawaiians since the early Polynesian settlers. The chiefs would wear and exchange them to symbolize peace within groups. And when you visit Hawaii, the first thing you will experience as a visitor is having a lei put around your neck. The locals of Hawaii give leis to tourists to welcome you to the Islands.

The lei etiquette dictates that you should never put it in your head, wear it like a bracelet, and remove it until you are at the comforts and privacy of your hotel room. Taking off the lei before then or in front of the ones who gave it to you can be seen as rude and disrespectful, considering that they gave it to welcome you.

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In contrast, if someone is pregnant, a lei should not be offered. It is believed that this brings bad luck and symbolizes the umbilical cord getting wrapped around the baby’s neck. If you are pregnant, you can politely decline and tell them about your condition. The lei-offerer will understand.


Respect sacred sites


Each country has its sacred sites and traditions, and Hawaii is not any different. When you visit Hawaii, you may see temples, rock walls with petroglyphs, or carvings created by ancient Hawaiians. When you encountered one, make sure to talk and walk quietly. It is also important to never pick flowers, rearrange rocks, carve your names. These are seen as disrespectful. You must also remember never to leave trash behind.


Respect Hula

Hula is a beautiful dance that is significant in Hawaiian culture. Although Hula is often performed to entertain guests and competitions, this dance is considered a sacred act. Hula dancers take lots of training, hard work, and dedication to perfect this dance.

a group of people on a hawaii beach with a palm tree

Take your shoes off

The people of Hawaii are well known for their hospitality and kindness. When you visit these majestic Islands, you will probably experience being invited over by a local into their homes. And if you do get an invite, make sure that you take off your shoes before entering their homes.

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But whether you get a local to invite you over or you will just stay in your Airbnb, taking your shoes off is an important step to follow. It is believed that this etiquette came from Japan. This shows that you respect the owner enough not to bring dirt and germs into their home.


Remember Aloha and Mahalo

The word Aloha is probably one of the most popular Hawaiian words. But what others don’t know is this greeting does not only mean hello but goodbye as well. It could also mean love, peace, compassion, and mercy. Overall, this is a beautiful word to say.



Apart from Aloha, saying Mahalo is also loved by the locals. This word means thank you. Hawaiians would appreciate it if you say something polite, especially if it is in Hawaiian.

These are just some of the tips you should follow before having the time of your life in this beautiful state. And if you want to experience traveling Hawaii with the presence of a local, Go Hawaii Tours is the perfect tour operator for you.

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