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Live and Love Life with Hawaii’s Upcoming Events

Live and Love Life with Upcoming Events in Hawaii

Events and festivals will always be a fun and exciting experience anywhere in the world. Aside from the numerous delicacies and the colorful surroundings, there is also the lively and festive ambiance of these celebrations that will never fail to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 


Speaking of events and festivals, Hawaii is just one of the places where you can enjoy a memorable festivity all year round. This Aloha state is one of the most frequent fantasy destinations for many reasons, and their celebrations are just one of those.


If you are wondering what festivities you can attend, buckle up for Go Hawaii Tours has a list for you. 


Punahou Carnival

a clear blue sky - Ferris Wheel - BJDBA563


If ever you have a chance to visit Hawaii in February, make sure to check out the Punahou Carnival. This carnival is an annual weekend festival held in Punahou School in Honolulu, started in 1932. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy games and rides, but most importantly, the amazing local food.


Punahou Carnival is a celebration like no other. It started and is constantly a fundraising event for Punahou’s financial aid program. The staff and organizers of this exciting event are none other than the school’s junior high school students, faculty, and alumni. 


Great Aloha Run

a group of people running - JDKAN56


Are you in for a run with a cause? If yes, this one’s for you. 


Established in 1985, the Great Aloha Run is an annual event held during the third week of February. It is an 8.15-mile foot race beginning from the Aloha Tower up to the Aloha Stadium. This race has several divisions where everyone can join– from elite athletes, wheelchair and handcycle competitors, military, to those who just want to have a walk with their friends. The event’s inclusivity stems from the Hawaiian philosophy “Ke kukini me ke aloha pau‘ole” which means race with compassionate love.


This racing event aims to organize and produce community participation while giving back to the community. The proceeds of this racing event go to scholarship programs and special projects of selected health and human services charitable organizations.


Honolulu Festival

a group of fireworks in the sky - Honolulu Festival-NDIWH5416


Craving for that unique and one-of-a-kind Hawaiian experience? We got you.


The Honolulu Festival is Hawaii’s premier cultural event held every March. This festival aims to celebrate the wonderful culture of Hawaii and, at the same time, promote mutual understanding, economic cooperation, and ethnic harmony between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific rim region.

Apart from the locals of Hawaii, performers from various countries and regions such as Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Tahiti, Taiwan, South Korea, and the mainland United States all gather in this three-day extravagant celebration to represent the beauty of their cultures. 


Kawaii Kon

Cosplay- Kawaii Kon- DUWNAI51


If you are an otaku and plan to visit Hawaii, make sure to schedule your Aloha vacation for April.


Kawaii Kon is a three-day non-profit convention annually held in the Hawaii Convention Center. This convention aims to celebrate the facets of Japanese culture, particularly anime (cartoons) and manga (comics). This event is solely made so you and your fellow otaku can have a safe space to enjoy and socialize. Just like your usual Comic-Con, Kawaii Kon also offers numerous events and activities such as games, costume contests, an Artist Alley, and so much more. 


Honolulu AIDS Walk


In 1981, the first case of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS was reported. Since then, it has been a constant problem for several people. For years, many people were uneducated about this disease, and it has become taboo for some. But with the help of research and numerous movements, more people have started to become aware of what AIDS is.


In 1991, the first Honolulu AIDS Walk was held, and ever since, this walk has been a continuous movement to raise funds to support those who have AIDS. Later on, this cause has also helped fight the stigma, prevention, and education of the said disease.


The Honolulu AIDS walk happens annually in April. Anyone, local or tourists, can donate and join the cause. 


May Day Lei Day

a necklace- Lei Day-GDIWA541


Aside from Labor day that happens every first day of May, Hawaii also celebrates Lei day. May Day Lei Day is a statewide celebration of the Aloha spirit. This is done by giving flower lei and several exciting activities.


This event is highly anticipated not just by the locals but also by visitors from all over the world. During this time of the year, the Hawaiian Islands celebrate and gather to enjoy beautiful parades, lei contests, and a royal court appointment. Even children of all grade levels learn the proper protocol of welcoming the royal court and performing hula. 


In this particular event, each of the eight main Hawaiian Islands is represented on the royal court by the color and type of flower they wear. Being selected to be on the royal court or being named king or queen is a huge honor taken seriously. 


Pan-Pacific Festival

Pan-Pacific-Festival - DBJAKw2012

Here’s one question for you, are you ready to party? If your answer is yes, then be prepared to have fun at the largest block party of the summer– the Pan-Pacific Festival.


The Pan-Pacific Festival is a three-day party held at Waikiki every June each year. Hula performances, live entertainment, tons of food booths are just a few of the things to look forward to upon joining the celebration. 


The primary goal of this festival is to promote international friendship and understanding through the sharing of different cultures. The diversity of the Hawaiian population and tourism makes the Aloha state the perfect location for this event. 


These are just some of the festivities you can enjoy when you visit Hawaii. So if you are planning to visit this magnificent island, make sure to never miss the fun of experiencing these celebrations. If you desire to have a memorable Hawaiian vacation, try to book a local tour operator like Go Hawaii Tours. We specialize in Oahu Island Tours, Luaus, Pearl Harbor tours, and much more. Let us take you out of Waikiki and show you how beautiful Oahu really is!


Go Hawaii Tours is your local tour operator that embodies the Aloha philosophy everywhere they go. To know more about us, you can visit our website at