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Four Travel Seasons of Hawaii (Infographic)


Hawaii may be widely known as one of the most sought after tropical destinations in the world, but, contrary to popular belief, it’s not every day the sun is out on the islands.

Just like other tropical locations around the world, Hawaii has the wet and dry seasons as well. The two main seasons in Hawaii are summer (Kau) which happens during May to October, and winter (Hooilo) that stretches from November to April.

If you are planning your stay in Hawaii, researching about the weather conditions during your stay should be one of your priorities. After all, your activities, places to visit, and even your packing depends on it. Luckily we’re here to help!


Traveling to Hawaii During Summer:

The average daytime summer temperature at sea level is 85° F (29.4° C), which makes strolling down beaches, sun bathing, and swimming the perfect activities to do while on the island. August tends to be the most crowded month, and the one with the fewest specials available. Travel costs during this season are not at its peak, however, you should expect families with young children flock to Hawaii during this season, coinciding their breaks from school. These hotter months can also bring rougher wave conditions to unprotected south shores. Therefore, as always, make sure to check with lifeguards before heading out. The norther shores tend to be a lot calmer, and a beach day on Waimea Bay is perfect for the family.

Travelling to Hawaii During Winter:

The average daytime winter temperature is 78° (25.6° C). Temperatures at night are approximately 10° F lower than the daytime. Traveling to Hawaii during the winter season, especially to the north shore of any island, you will encounter a greater likelihood of rain that brings flash flooding. Swimming on the north beaches is also not advised during this season because of the bigger waves. Still, winter is a prime season for visitors as the “cold” and wet weather in Hawaii is an escape from what most must deal with in other parts of the world, and it can be affordable outside of the holidays.

Traveling to Hawaii During Spring

Spring travel to Hawaii occurs from the Easter break until the middle of June. Spring is one of the most delightful seasons to visit the islands. Fewer crowds, serene ocean conditions and pleasant weather make it an ideal time to explore the islands. In May, you’ll be bombarded with gorgeous flowers.

Traveling to Hawaii During Fall

Many tourists who don’t want a big crowd will also travel to Hawaii during fall. Like the spring-time, it is also one of the more desirable times of the year to visit the islands. In October, you’ll be treated to crystal clear blue skies and friendly trade winds. However, fall season also covers Hawaii hurricane season, which starts every June 1st until the end of November. While hurricanes are unusual in Hawaii, good safety practice is to be on alert.