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Hula: It’s History and Everything You Need to Know

When we think of Hawaii, two things often come to mind: The Aloha Spirit and the Hula. In fact, most people will immediately associate Hawaii whenever they see Hula dancers or hear Hula music. Hula is important for the people of Hawaii, not just an art form. It is embedded in their history and culture….

Who Is Duke Kahanamoku?

Hawaii as a whole is a tropical paradise. Many tourists dream of spending their ideal vacation in the island state—but which island is the right one for you? Like many first timers in Hawaii, it is normal that you feel overwhelmed with all the must-see places, and must do activities while on the island. One…

A List of Must Try Hawaii Island Most Luxurious Resorts and Hotels

When planning your visit to visit Hawaii, you have probably encountered the Molokai Hoe Paddle Race. After all, it is one of the most anticipated events on the islands. Adventure seekers and water sports junkies from all over the globe flock to Hawaii to witness and participate in a 41-mile Outrigger Canoe Race from Molokai…

Oahu Historic Places; An Infographic

One of the most popular beaches in the whole island of Oahu is North Shore. Because of its undeniable beauty, pristine beach fronts, rich underwater biodiversity, and night life,  it is not surprising that most tourists visiting the island make sure to experience the life in the North Shore. If you will visit Oahu in the future,…