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Top 5 Things To Do In Waikiki Beach (Infographic)


One of the main attractions and must-visit spots in the whole island is Waikiki, and its renowned Waikiki Beach. Annually, over 4 million tourists go to this Oahu gem.

If it is your first time traveling to the world class beach, building your itinerary may be overwhelming. But you can start by doing these top 5 things you should do when at the Waikiki Beach.


For the laid-back tourists

If you want to relax and have a time away from the stress of work or school, spending the perfect afternoon is perfect at the beach. While it may be a bit crowded, setting up your own space by the shore, watching other people playing in the water, surfing, swimming, could be the best thing to do.

Imagine yourself under a shade, with a glass of cocktail on your hand,. And the warm breeze flowing through your hair—that is what a typical afternoon looks like in Waikiki Beach. Finding your own spot along the 2-mile long coastline is not impossible, no matter how crowded it may get during the peak season.

For the thrill-seekers

Being one of the most famous beaches in the world, many water activities and sports are offered in Waikiki Beach. From Surfing lessons, snorkeling rentals, boat and yacht tours. Name it, there will be some business offering for a ride or two.

If you like water sports you can rent all kinds of equipment on the beach, such as bodyguards, surfboards and snorkeling gear. The most popular things to do at Waikiki Beach are swimming, surfing, body boarding, snorkeling and kayaking.

For the culture-enthusiasts

Some hotels and resorts host luaus– a Hawaiian party or feast, especially one accompanied by entertainment. In these types of events, tourists can learn about and experience the culture and history of Hawaii, especially dancing the Hula. Some even offer free hula shows by the beach.

For the foodies

Hawaii is kind of the melting pot of American and east Asian culture (especially Japanese) when it comes to food. Many tourists enjoy trying out different dishes that marry the contrasting flavors of the Americas and East Asian cuisine. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, and hole in the wall type of places scattered along the Waikiki Beach which tourists can easily explore without having to stray away too far from the beach.

For the shopaholics

Many shops and retail stores are also common in Waikiki Beach. In fact, many tourists spend and dedicate part of their stay in the island to do some shopping—whether its for souvenirs or for clothes, bags, shoes, or sports wear.

Some malls are located in the area, which makes shopping easier—not only for tourists but for the locals as well.

Waikiki Beach is very much commercialized, which benefits the growing number of tourists the most. Everything you need is few steps away from the shore, it is ideal to visit any time.

Waikiki Beach is located less than 4 miles southeast of the city center and accessible via multiple bus lines and the Waikiki Trolley. Parking is limited but free spots is available on Monsarrat Avenue by Kapiolani Regional Park and the Honolulu Zoo. The beach is open 24 hours a day.